Regular Lawn Treatments

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Starting at the Roots!

A healthy lawn begins with the very foundation—the soil. Let’s delve into this green journey:

Soil Nutrition

Just as a balanced diet fuels our bodies, nutrient-rich soil is essential for robust plant growth. By feeding the soil, we empower the roots to thrive. Think of it as a culinary masterpiece—the right ingredients yield a flavorful dish.

Luscious Growth

When the soil receives proper nourishment, it reciprocates by supporting lush, vibrant grass. Picture a velvety carpet of green, inviting barefoot walks and picnics.

Secrets of the Earth

Beneath the surface lies a hidden world—a bustling community of microorganisms, worms, and fungi. They work tirelessly, breaking down organic matter, aerating the soil, and releasing nutrients. It’s like a bustling marketplace where nutrients are traded.

Roots Unleashed

Healthy roots delve deep, anchoring the grass and absorbing water and nutrients. They’re the unsung heroes, silently weaving their way through the soil, ensuring the lawn’s resilience.

Nature’s Symphony

Imagine the soil as a symphony orchestra. Each component—the sand, silt, clay, and organic matter—plays a unique role. Balancing these elements harmonises the soil composition.

Treatments for Soil Bliss

Now, with specialised treatments targeting soil health, we’re nurturing this underground ecosystem. These treatments unlock the soil’s potential, creating a haven for roots to flourish.

At Lawnrite, we’re committed to keeping your lawn lush, green, and thriving throughout the seasons. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance!

1. Spring Treatment

Spring Starter Feed: Kickstart your lawn’s growth with a nourishing spring starter feed.

Cool Weather Weed Control or Moss Control: Depending on your lawn’s specific needs and the prevailing weather conditions, we’ll address any emerging weeds or moss.

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Late Summer Treatments

2. Early Summer

Coated Fertiliser (Anti-Scorch): Our coated fertilisers protect against scorching, ensuring your lawn stays healthy and vibrant.

Continued Weed Control: We’ll maintain weed control to keep your lawn looking pristine.

Liquid Bio Tonic: Our elixir for soil and roots:

Beneficial Fungi: Four strains, each with a unique role. Some break down organic matter, others form symbiotic partnerships with roots, exchanging nutrients for shelter.

Beneficial Bacteria: Five strains, tireless workers. They transform organic compounds into soluble forms, nourishing roots and fostering resilience.

3. Late Summer Treatment:

Controlled Feed Application: Tailored to the season, this treatment provides essential nutrients for your lawn.

Attention to Persistent Weeds: We’ll focus on managing any persistent weeds that may have cropped up.

Organic Soil Conditioner

Improving soil conditions will assist drainage which in turn will encourage deeper rooting grass plants and promote even healthier grass. Repeated applications will make the soil more friable allowing oxygen to get to the root zone improving the plants ability of taking up other nutrients, plus as the soil is more friable drainage is far more efficient.
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4. Autumn Treatments: Feed and moss control

Root Growth Focus: Our autumn feed encourages robust root growth, making your plants hardier for the winter months.

Moss Control: We’ll also address any moss issues during this time.

Organic Root Development

Humic acid acts as a natural nutrient sponge in the soil. It binds to nutrients (such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) and prevents them from leaching away due to rain or irrigation. By retaining nutrients, humic acid ensures that plants receive a steady supply, leading to healthier growth.

5. Winter Treatments

Turf Hardener: As temperatures drop, our turf hardener helps plant cells cope with the cold weather.

Moss Treatment: Additionally, we apply a moss treatment to maintain a healthy lawn.

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A healthy and beautiful lawn doesn’t have to be complicated. Let Lawnrite take care of your lawn, so you can enjoy its lush greenery without any hassle!

Our Treatments Deliver

A cost effective way to keep your lawn weed free, lush green all year round, using our service can work out cheaper than DIY off the shelf products!