Direct Drill Seeding

Direct drill overseeding is a technique used to rejuvenate existing lawns by introducing new grass seed directly into the soil without extensive soil preparation.

1. Purpose Of Direct Drill Seeding

Overseeding aims to improve the quality and density of an established lawn.

It helps address issues such as thinning grass, bare patches, or poor growth.

Direct Drill Seeding UK
Direct Drill Seeding Milton Keynes

2. How It Works

Direct drilling involves using specialised machinery (such as seed drills) to sow grass seed directly into the existing turf.

Unlike traditional methods that require ploughing or tilling, direct drilling minimises soil disturbance

3. Benefits Of Direct Drill Seeding

Time-Saving: Direct drilling completes seeding in a single pass, eliminating the need for multiple steps like ploughing or secondary cultivations

Weatherproof: You can seed at the optimal time, regardless of weather conditions. Rain delays after cultivation are not a concern

Cost-Effective: Fewer passes and less fuel are required compared to conventional methods

Preserves Soil Ecosystems: Direct drills maintain soil structure and prevent compaction, allowing small organisms to move freely

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Direct drill overseeding can breathe new life into your lawn, promoting healthier grass growth and a more resilient turf!