Our specialist Autumn Feed and Moss Control:

  • Gently releases essential nutrient for autumn colour.
  • Promotes healthy root growth and;
  • Provides all nutritional needs including trace elements for plant health.
  • Helps withstand autumn disease e.g. Red Thread.

Our moss control

  • Is Fast Acting,see a difference in 24 hours;
  • Reduces moss plants ability to produce spores;
  • Hardens the plant ready for winter;

Autumn Cutting Guide

Suggested cutting frequency - Every 7-10 days; Never cut more than 1/3rd off in any one cut; regular cutting will “thicken” the lawn in density. This will make a huge difference next spring; Recommended cutting height: Family lawnssuggested cut height is: 3cm/1inch.

For more Autumn and Winter Cutting Tips



  • Preferably not to cut the lawn 2 days either side of treatment.
  • Ensure lawns are clear of leaves and obstacles before our call.
  • Look out for pest activity eg Ants, Chafer Grub and Leather Jackets – and treat.


  • Rake out blackened moss for improved moss control.
  • Over seed bare patches, using our patch repair mix.
  • Treat Ants nests within the lawn, we recommend with Ant Stop Granule applied as a drench.

Beneficial Treatments: e.g. Scarification, Aeration and over Seeding


Scarification – For best results, please cut the lawn lower than normal in preparation for our visit, The thatch will be collected, bagged and removed off the lawn for disposal in your green waste.

Aeration – Better results will be enjoyed if the lawn is cut prior to our arrival.

Over Seeding – The introduction of new grass seed will help invigorate your lawn. For BEST RESULTS, it is important to water the lawn daily until the grass is established normally 10-14 days, and then cut at a high level, this will help thicken the grass.


  • Follow the after care notes we will email to you.
  • Correct watering of over seeded lawns is essential for germination success.

Patio and Drive Treatments:

  • Brush the surface in preparation of our visit.
  • Ensure the surfaces are clear of obstacles before our call.


Follow the aftercare notes we will leave with you

If you have a question about anything mentioned, or would like some help with your lawn, please contact us via phone or email.