Our New  Service

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our

latest treatments:

  1. Hard surface weed control
  2. Artificial grass/sports surface weed and moss

As always we have tested these
new professional products to make sure they
meet our very high standards. Please email or
contact me via the website or using
[email protected] for further details.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Jon Boon


Drive Control

Let us look after your drive, like we do your lawn! Stop new weeds for up to 3 months with Weed Preventer. Benefits of our drive care programme; Tackles algae, moss and weeds; Kills emerged grass, annual, perennial and broad-leaved weeds down to the root and prevents new weed germination for up to 3 months.. Ideal for drives, footpaths and gravel surfaces;

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Artificial Lawns / Sports Surface

Our Artificial Grass Care Plan is very real! We use the best quality products that are appropriate for the surface, making sure there are no bad side effects, for example bleaching or burning the plastic grass blades.

Surface Cleaning

Are you fed up with weedy driveways, grassy paths or green decking and fences. We have a treatment that doesn’t need back breaking scrubbing, brushing or pressure washing (which often accelerates the growth of mould and algae). Our surface treatments will combat all weeds, mould, algae and moss any time of the year!

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