As you may know as much to my wife annoyance I use my lawn to experiment on! this time I thought I would show all my customers how important lawn cutting is.
As I have mentioned before the partnership between myself and you is the biggest part of Lawn Care. On your part, letting me know if you notice any thing abnormal happening to the lawn (thinning, browning, pests etc) as I only see the lawn around 5 times a year, the other 2 parts are watering and cutting. Mine is to make sure that treatments are done in the correct seasons and I follow the best practice. You might have been effected by the weather last Autumn/Winter I had to stop all scarification work as it was to wet and I picked it back up this spring.

Importance of regular lawn cutting

Grass Cutting

This picture is part of my lawn, it hadn’t had its spring treatment yet (as i leave mine till last) but its looking a nice color coming out of winter. I cut my lawn every 7-10 days in the growing season and summer. every 14-16 days through out the winter.

Same part of my lawn, It has had its spring treatment, however I left it just over 3 weeks before I cut it. The feed I put down was a little bit of a waste, it may help the lawn recover.

So why is my lawn now looking terrible?

3 Reasons

1.Because the lawn was long, and the 1/3 rule was ignored (don’t cut more that 1/3 off at a time)

2. The lawn was longer than normal, the light could not get to the base of the grass plant and the lower leaves die, also air can not circulate so the base was always damp, rotting the leaves below.

3. A lot of the grasses have died resulting in a much thinner lawn the thickness has now gone and weeds can germinate nicely in the bare patches.

The lawn will probably take around 6-8 weeks to recover, I will get a lot of thin growth that will grow fast, the reason is the plant is trying to recover and produce fresh growth for protection and food/water storage.
Cutting grass can be a pain for some people, getting the mower out, starting it or if you have electric mower finding the power lead tripping over a busy shed etc. try and enjoy it. your lawn will give you far more enjoyment if it was cut regularly. I get more enjoyment from my lawn when its looking like the left picture.

Thanks for your time in reading this, I hope it helps show why I go on about lawn cutting, and shows you what can happen if the lawn does get forgotten.

Enjoy this weather and see you soon
Jon Boon

If you have a question about anything mentioned, or would like some help with your lawn, please contact us via phone or email.