Within this blog is some of the items we sell from our vans,  stock may change due to supply and demand, if you require any lawn care items before your next visit please let us know asap 

300g Home Defence Ant Granules £9.00

Effective for up to 1 month after application Easy to us - no dust, less mess kills the nest and forms a long lasting tangible barrier Attractive to ants giving effective control and product efficiency Contain spinosad, an active ingredient derived from natural soil bacterium Kills Black garden ants and their nests We reccommend using this product as a drench, please read product label

Patch Repair Kits starting £30

This is made up from Johnsons lawn seed, and either 40l or 80l of our lawn dressing.

Lawn Seed 1.275KG £20

n excellent, all-round mixture with an outstanding appearance whilst being very hardwearing. Using modern dwarf type perennial ryegrasses and red fescue, General Purpose produces a lawn of superior appearance whilst being very hardwearing. Vigorous roots strengthen the turf and give it superior resilience and durability. This excellent, all-round mixture will perform well in the majority of domestic situations. An ideal mixture for overseeding in spring or autumn.

If you have a question about anything mentioned, or would like some help with your lawn, please contact us via phone or email.