Autumn and Winter Cuttting Advice

Correct lawn mowing will make the difference between a ‘ok’ lawn and a great one. these few simple steps make a huge difference in the lawns appearance, enouraging a thicker sward and deeper colour. Healthy grass helps reduce the ideal foundation for moss to take hold.

  • Regular cutting require less effort and time
  • A light topping of the grass is aways better than a brutal chop!
  • Mowing in the afternoon may be easier due to the grass being drier
  • we do not advise cutting when there is a frost on the lawn
  • keep your lawn edges trimmed to keep that sharp look over winter

We advise that the lawn should be cut no shorter than 1 inch through the summer months, this can be raised to 1 1/2 to 2 inches for autumn and winter.

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If you have a question about anything mentioned, or would like some help with your lawn, please contact us via phone or email.